Feta cheese is the most known traditional greek cheese. It is produced in the country since the era of Homer and specifically we have references in the myth of Cyclops Polyphemus. The myth says that Polyphemus was the first who made feta cheese . It is a soft , white cheese which mellows and is kept in brine for at least two months. It constitutes an important part of the Greek diet and is related with the Greek history and tradition. It is made of sheep milk or a mixture of sheep milk in regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese and Mytilene. Formal attempts have been made for the accession of other regions such as Crete. Feta cheese has been recorded from the European Comission as protected designation of origin (PDO). This means that the name <<Feta cheese>> cannot be used in other kinds of cheese of the same composition that are produced in other countries except Greece and with procedure other than the traditional. It was established by the EU for the protection of the products of local origin and put into force in 1996.

The use of Feta cheese is widely known all over the world as the main ingredient of the greek salad. Apart from the greek salad it is the main ingredient of the cheese pie , spinach pie as well as in many other dishes that accompany the greek cuisine. Many people have connected it mainly with the Mediterranean cuisine and it constitutes its landmark all over the world.











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ISO 9001 - ISO 22000




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